Terrace Blooms is located in Thaxton, VA. Our business was started with 15,000 seeds (by hand, because we bought the wrong seeder!), many hours making raised beds, putting down compost and irrigation lines, and weeding. But alas, the result was beautiful flowers! Currently we have sunflowers and zinnia's blooming, with celosia and cosmos coming next! 


Our hope is to one day offer over 20 varieties of flowers. You can find us at local farmers markets, on facebook (Terrace Blooms), and can email us at terraceblooms@gmail.com

Photography courtesy of Alice Gao. Content for demo purposes only.


Any Occasion

Whether you are just sending some love, or preparing for a special day, let us brighten up any occasion with local grown flowers!

all shapes and sizes

Our bouquets are custom made to your liking, whether you want a small bouquet or an extravegant centerpeice!

LOcally grown

Our locally grown flowers are from our own family farm. Grown with organic compost with lots of love, each flower is hand-selected for your special bouquet!

Rows of flowers!

Our Story

Nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in beautiful Bedford, VA, Terrace blooms is our little dream come true. We organically grow over 20 varieties of flowers. 



Frolicing in the Fields